The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization

Why this report?

This page refers to the 2014 Report. The 2015 Report will be published in mid April 2015. (See the table of contents of the 2014 Report.)

Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization

The “Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization” is the 8th annual report.

Strategic and transformative

The purpose of the Digital Workplace report is to provide executives and practitioners with data, analysis and firsthand stories to help them see where they are today and what early adopters are doing.


This report will trigger conversations within your organization, challenge your thinking and provide data to help you make decisions and define your strategies.


The report is designed as a communication and analysis tool to be used in meetings and workshops. Each page is like a slide, a self-contained chunk of content addressing a specific point. It is designed to be read on laptops, iPads and projected onto screens in meeting rooms.

How will you benefit?

A customized Digital Workplace Scorecard

All participating organization a customized Digital Workplace Scorecard that will enable comparisons with similar organizations. The report contains scorecards per industry, for leaders in each industry, for Early Adopters and the Majority. If you want to receieve your own Scorecard, contact Jane McConnell and see how you can take the same survey and get your own results.

Relevance and 23 “In Practice” Cases

Digital practitioners and thought leaders who make up the Advisory Board for the Digital Workplace Trends surveys help identify the topics and questions. This real-life participation ensures that the report is highly relevant to organizations. The 2014 report includes 23 In Practice cases.

Multi-year perspective

Digital Workplace Trends reports are not short-term quick dips into trends and fads. They are based on a multi-annual perspective. The survey is now entering into its 8th year.  The survey population varies somewhat each year, yet  represents a consistent reference base. Learn about the survey demographics. The 2014 report contains several charts that show evolution over the past 5 or 6 years.

What is covered?

The 182-page report currently available –  “The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization” –  provides data, analysis, a new scorecard maturity model
and 23 In Practice case studies. You can download sample pages with a detailed table of contents.

Data for the report is collected in the fourth quarter of the year. The survey includes over 100 questions, both open and closed.

Participating organizations receive a complimentary copy of the final report, with a license to share it within their own organization.